We are happy to bring you our very first community giveaway. We are giving away Steam trading cards with which you will be able to craft 10 badges and gain and add 1000XP to your steam account. If you are someone who has just started on steam and at a lower Steam level than 10, this will get you to level 10 and beyond depending on your current steam level.

Now you might ask yourself “Why should I care about my steam level?” And let you tell you there are many very attractive reasons to that. And they are as following:

Custom Steam Profile
  1. You might have seen very attractive profiles like the above before and have wondered, how you can do the same with your profile. Levelling up your Steam account lets you do just that. It unlocks many customization options for your account.
  2. Running out of slots to add more friends? Levelling up your Steam account lets you add more friends. For the each steam level you will get five more slots to add more friends.
  3. Have you ever wondered about those Steam accounts showcasing the beautiful skins they own? Well for each 10 levels you gain on your steam account, a showcase unlocks. That lets you showcase any one of the options available there(like Favourite Group, Items owned, items up for trade and so on).
  4. Levelling up Steam account also give you free profile backgrounds. Try them out before you go out and buy one for yourself.
  5. It is also seen as a status symbol in the vast Steam Community. Having a custom profile with custom background gives you a certain level of credibility among the vast numbers of players in the community. And having a level 10 account or better gives you a little bit of edge if you want to trade within or outside of the community.

So If you think you would also want to have those cool customization options in your account, then please enter the giveaway below. Best of luck to you. God Speed.

Steam Trading Cards Giveaway



  1. The giveaway is open worldwide.
  2. Since this is our very first giveaway, we have decided to keep it open for all. And that includes our admins and mods too.
  3. You must have to of 13 years of age or older to participate in the giveaway.
  4. Duplicate Entries will result in cancellation of your participation.
  5. The entries to the Giveaway will start at 12:00 PM IST on April 15th, 2017 and continue through April 30th, 2017 at 11:59:59 PM IST.
  6. Participants must not change their steam names or other social media names during the running period of the giveaway.
  7. A winner will be selected automatically by a bot. And that decision will be absolute.
  8. The winner will be declared on our Facebook Page, Twitter, Steam Group and Discord Server within a week after the closing of the giveaway entries.
  9. The winner must respond back within 48 Hours of our announcement. Otherwise, another winner will be chosen and the prize will pass on to that person.



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