Many of us want to mirror android phone screen, so we can share them online or with friends. There are many apps on Play Store that mirror android phone screen most of them require Root access in order to do so. While there are apps, those don’t need Root access to mirror android phone screen, but the output video quality or smoothness isn’t too great for sharing online or viewing on bigger screens than the phones itself.
Most of us have very little idea about Rooting and those who do know about Rooting, don’t want to go through the hassle of Rooting. On the other hand Rooting your phone will void your phone warranty and in some cases paid service centre support too. So most of us refrain ourselves from rooting.   So today I am going to show you how can you mirror android phone screen on PC via USB cable without rooting your device.
Items Required:
  1. First, Download the latest version of Java and install it on your Desktop/Laptop.
  2. Download the ADB Tool and extract it to your desktop. The password for the RAR Archive is: @android
  3. Download Droid at Screen and launch the application.Mirror Android Phone 04
  4. Click on ADB from the top menu and choose ADB Executable Path.Mirror Android Phone 05Mirror Android Phone 06
  5. Then choose the ADB Tool folder that you have extracted previously and click okay.
  6. Now take your phone and open the settings from the menu.
  7. Find the “Developer Options” in the settings and open it.
    Mirror Android Phone 01
  8. Turn on the Developer Options and check the USB Debugging option.
    Mirror Android Phone 02
    Mirror Android Phone 03
  9.  Now connect your phone using a USB cable with you PC/Laptop and make sure that the USB drivers for your phone are installed on your PC/Laptop. Now you should be able to see your phone’s screen on your PC/Laptop screen.


  1. Is there any other way to turn on USB debugging? My screen suddenly turned black and is completely unresponsive, so there is no way for me to get to the options. Thanks for the help.

  2. Hi..
    My display is not appear , i think its dead. rather than display ,all functioning Good. like incoming outgoing call, application working fine, camera working, ..just i coud not recocnized the display..becoz its dead…so wanted to share my screen on pc through USB cable …because of display , i could not reach there usb debugger setting…is there any think to resolve.

    • Hello all, I have the same problem as Nikhil and a dont know how i control my phone. My display is black but my mobile is ok. Could you help me please how I control my Samsung galaxy S4 mini VE frrm PC? Is one year old. It is in the warranty. I need your help but without root. Thank you very very much.

  3. hi, i followed all the instructions but i cant connect my phone.
    my phone model is Huawei Honor 4C, android version 4.4.2.
    In your video, soon as you plugged in your phone, the screen was displayed on your monitor right? it did not happen on mine, my phone and connector is recognized though

  4. Hello, all the above are working for me. But the thing is that my smartphone screen is broken and i cannot use it. can you help me about how can i use my smartphone through my laptop???

      • Yes mine is. It is a J1 Ace. I downloaded all of that and it still hasn’t worked.
        They said that I should hold down on home button, power button and volume up or down, that hasn’t worked. My phone is connected to the computer via usb but its not mirroring. I tried downloading Vysor from Google Play online, but I am not certain if it actually downloaded on the phone. SOme help please

      • The phone works, the screen just blacks out. It fell.
        Sometimes it comes on, then goes out rather quickly. It came back a few days ago and went away quickly.

  5. This was working fine but suddenly the screen on the PC was still even though the screen on my phone was changing. Then I restarted ADB and it says Restart ADB failed and I am not able to connect my phone I deleted and downloaded again. But it still says Restart ADB failed. Any idea?

  6. I used this and it lags because of the lossless mirroring, is there any way to reduce the mirroring quality so that I can get better performance?

  7. My screen is cracked so I used an OTG cable and a mouse to enable USB Debugging, but when I plug my phone into my computer, a window opens to allow usb debugging and gives the computer’s RSA key fingerprint for approval. Since my screen is cracked, I’m unable to OK it. How can I accomplish this?

  8. I’m having Moto G3. My screen broke and I couldn’t access a part of the screen (2nd Quarter from the top). I know the password but I couldn’t unlock my screen because of the display. My USB debugging is turned off. Is there any way, I could mirror/project my screen and then unlock it from laptop?

  9. Hi, i followed all the instructions and i cant launch droidatscreen, i even tried recompressing the file to funtion with my lenovo but i can’t seem to get it to work

  10. I followed all of the instructions closely, but the droid at screen application doesn’t list my phone.
    I am using a PC with Windows 7 and my phone is a OnePlus 3 with Android 6.0.1

  11. Hello. I followed your instructions and was able to get it working. I have one small problem though, which is that it lags really badly. Any idea why? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy j1

    • Well this is a Jar file. And there are many malware are written in Java. That’s why Windows shows that warning, so you only open the files from the sources you trust.


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