So Xiaomi has just released its first flagship for 2017, the Mi6. Apart from being the first phone on Asian markets to be released with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SOC it sports a 5.15″ Full HD IPS LCD display with front mounted ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, 8MP front camera, stereo speakers, a dual 12MP wide angle and telephoto lens camera setup with 4 axis OIS. Mi6 hands-on images

But nowadays phones are more than just the means of communication. They have ascended from being just tools to accessories to a perfect attire. And to some phone even have transcended to being a decoration of their presence. 

And if you are anywhere close to being that kind of people the Xiaomi Mi6 does not disappoints you. It has an all-glass front and back, with 4 sided 3D glass that tapers into the sides and into the corners as well. The whole phone is encased in a stainless steel frame on the sides.

The phones are available in 4 colours (white, black, blue and silver) and one special edition with a ceramic body(in colour black). The ceramic edition also has 18k gold accents around the camera rings and the stainless steam frame. According to the design team of Mi6 each glass panel goes through a 12 day, 40 step process to achieve their final form and colour.

But enough of chit chat. We now have Mi6 hands-on images. Let’s take a look at them.

#Mi6 hands-on images

#Mi6 Black Edition & White Edition

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#Mi6 Blue Edition

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#Mi6 Silver Edition

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