After launching an official developer preview earlier this year and taking name suggestions of people all around the world, Google as officially decided what the next version of Android is going to be called. And it is going to be called “Android Nougat”.

Earlier today on Google’s official Snapchat account they first spilled the ‘nuts’. Later on, a ceremony at GooglePlex Googlers revealed the Android Figurine standing a top of 3 Nougat Bars. Now for the people who don’t know what Nougat is? It is a Chewy chocolate bar with roasted nuts in it.

Through three Developer Preview releases, Android Nougat has become pretty stable and even usable on your daily driver phones too. Though the exact Android version number of Android Nougat is still unknown. But some hint’s in latest developer preview indicates towards the version number “7.0”. Android Nougat is stated to bring better overall stability, better notifications, an improved “Doze” mode with better memory management in general. But it also stated to bring an integrated “VR” mode, Vulcan graphics support for newer and supported devices when it launches with two new Nexus phones this fall.


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