A few months earlier Whatsapp showcased the ability to backup your chats to the cloud/Google Drive for android through their website release channel. Now if Whatsapp is your choice of instant messenger like 800 million other people in the world, it could be the most useful feature for you Whatsapp Inc. has rolled out after WhatsappCalling.

To be clear Whatsapp had the ability to create local backups of your chats periodically for a long time now. And in that case, you could choose whether to keep the backups in your phone’s internal memory or on the external memory card that your phone might have had. But the backups defaults to your phone’s internal storage. And if you are not a tech-savvy user or a power user the possibilities are that you have never changed that backup option to the external storage. And then there were those high-end phones without the option of a memory card slot(Like Samsung’s recent Galaxy S6 Lineup and the Note 5 Lineup). So clearly local backups could be a lot of hassle to manage. And what if you lose your phone(May lord have mercy on you and may that day never come)? or you are one of those people who doesn’t have the option to have an external memory card in your phone ? or You are one of that non tech savvy users how did not change their backup storage option from internal to external? or MaybeMay is you just have any other reason to not to like the local backup, and you factory reset your device. Then you have opted to lose all of your chats, photos, and videos voluntarily. But not anymore, with Whatsapp’s new cloud backup option, could be your chance to redemption.

After a long wait Whatsapp have finally started to roll out “Backup chats to Google Drive” feature for android for it’s 800 million users. Though the cloud backup feature will be Android only at the beginning. And might take a couple of months to reach your phone. But we are sure this feature will be available for iPhone users in near future.

Now all that said how would you know if you have already received the update with the feature or not ?
It is simple. Just open Whatsapp on your phone >> Open Settings >> Open Chats and Calls >> Open Chat Backup >> Tap on Account and choose the google drive account you want to backup your chats on. And that should do it for you.


Now if you haven’t received the update and you are little bit impatient like me, you can download the latest Whatsapp APK from Whatsapp website or you can download the Whatsapp APK by clicking the following : Download Whatsapp APK


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