Behold everybody. What it seems an eternity of speculations and infinite leaks Xaiomi has unveiled their first 2017 flagship Xiaomi Mi6 to the world. And it is Gorgeous. So let’s take a look what kind of power and beauty it’s creators at Xiaomi have bestowed upon it. 

Xiaomi Mi6 comes with the latest and greatest from the house of Qualcomm. Beneath it’s all glass skin and inside its steel skeleton it is rocking the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SOC, built on a 10nm manufacturing process and an all new Kryo 280 microarchitecture enabling 2.45GHz of maximum clock speeds(4×2.45 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo).


It also comes with 6GB dual channel LPDDR4 RAM standard all across the models. DDR4 RAM means it is capable of faster speeds while consuming half the power.

An Antutu score of 184,292. Beating out even the likes of Huawei P10 and Samsungs Recently released Galaxy S8.

A Gorgeous flowing liquid-like design encased in a beautiful stainless steel frame. 

Bound by 4 sided 3D glass on front and rear. 

A true seamless design with flowing lines and curved edges.

Comes in even more beautiful two Special Editions for the people who want to treat themselves with a bit more extra. 

A beautiful 5.15″ Full HD IPS LCD Display upfront with a peak brightness of 600 nits and reduced glare for the best outdoor visibility. And the minimum brightness of only 1 nit for those long late night chat sessions. So your eyes can be safe while you can keep chatting on with your dearest one. 

Two beautiful cameras on the back with a 27mm f1.8 wide angle lens and 56mm f2.6 telephoto lens with support for phase detection autofocus and dual led flash. 4 axis image stabilisation also makes a return here. Keeping your shots sharp and clear during those wild moments.

The dual lens setup enables an awesome feature of 2 times lossless zoom so you can get you a bit closer to your subject. Accompanied by better ISP algorithms the camera is also capable of near lossless 10 times digital zoom.

Dual Camera setup also enables a software portrait mode capable of blurring out the background for those beautiful portraits when the occasion arises.

Stereo Speakers for those who love the immersion of their favourite movies, songs and games.

Dual Band Dual WiFi technology for better connectivity in every corner of your house. Longer range and better stability.

An environment sealed design to keep your device safe in the time of an unwanted water spill or light drizzles. 

All of this power by a class leading 3350mAh battery. So you can keep rocking all day long. And software optimisations to keep your battery alive when you are not paying attention.

An all around beautiful phone for an amazing price.

6GB+64GB Glass Edition will be available for 2499RMB/363$(approx)/23455₹(approx)

6GB+128GB Glass Edition will be available for 2899RMB/421$(approx)/27210₹(approx)

6GB+128GB Ceramic Edition will be available for 2999RMB/436$(approx)/28140₹(approx)

Let us know how do you feel about Xiaomi’s latest flagship or you can simply rate the phone right below the article.


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